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Alykes are at the northeastern side of Thassos in a distance of 32km from Limenas.

There are two gulfs in Alyki with beaches of pebbles, sand and crystal waters. Its gulfs are used as well as natural harbors from small fishing boats. The beach in the western side is a place of great resort and organized with lots of taverns that serve ouzo. The eastern beach is more quiet and not so busy. Next to the beaches there is a peninsula of archaeological interest, ideal for hiking.

It is said that during the antiquity, it was the kingdom of Alyki with large population and a big port. The ancient hamlet has a particular archaeological interest as well as two old paleochristian basilicas and a quarry of marble. Probably, a great earthquake was the reason of the abrupt evacuation in Alykes. In 1896, excavations revealed a well preserved Kouros that is exhibited in the museum of Istanbul.

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