Holy Virgin Church, Panagia Thassos

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The church of Virgin Mary was built in 1831 by residents of Kastoria with money of locals and the monastery of Vatopedi. It was constructed by stones originated from ruins of ancient temples. The chancel screen was completed in 1881.

The Madonna’s church is a n impressive baronial building of 18m height. Its order is Basilic with cupola and it is a part of the habitants’ life.

Inside the temple, you will nod the icon of Panagia the Pantovlepusa (Omniscient Madonna) of 1814. Also, there are exhibited coins of the village of Panagia, the so-called “bakires”. Last but not least, there is a banneret of the era of the Crusades.

The church celebrates on the 15th of August. At the church yard, the local women prepare the “koulbani”, which is meat with wheat. They distribute it to the worshippers after the divine Service.

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