Maries, Mountain Villages of Thassos

Thassos Mountain Villages

Maries is a mountainous village with an altitude of 200m in the mainland and it has about 200 habitants. It was founded in the era of Byzantium. Its distance from Limenas is 40 km and 11km from Skala Maries.

However, from what was it named after? There are two versions. The first is that most of the women in the village were named as “Maria” while the second is about two women who were saved from a pirate invasion and their names were “Maria”.

Maries are surrounded by dense forests, while 3km higher the unique constructed reservoir lake of the island lies. In order to visit Maries, you are going to cross a fertile valley with olive trees from Skala to Maries. In this valley, human life evidence were brought into surface which are dated from 1000B.C. Back then, Thassos had not been formed yet morphologically but it was united with the mainland of the country.

In the end, it’s worth visiting the local church which was built in 1813. Its construction is dedicated to Synaxis of Archangels and it celebrates on the 8th of November. The monastery of Holy Mary, which celebrates on the 15th of August, can be found on your left, 7km far from Skala to Maries.

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